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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jell-O Eggs

I know it doesn't quite feel like spring outside, but Easter is just a few weeks away! Every year we make these Jell-O Eggs and I just LOVE them... okay, and so do my kids! I mean what kid doesn't love eating Jell-O? You can order the egg molds off of the kraft website:


I ordered a few egg molds to make different colors/flavors at once. This is especially great if you are serving them at a family party(or with friends) and need a bunch of them. They look great served in an easter basket or just in a pretty bowl. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and you have a great Easter and a Happy Spring!


Andy & Jessica said...

I LOVE these!! I am totally going to buy the mold to make these eggs. What a fun treat to make for Easter. Thanks for posting this idea:-)

The Gardner's said...

I am so glad you posted this. We used to make these when I was younger and I have looked in the store for them, but haven't found them. Thanks!

The Churches said...

Not to be the total Easter party pooper, but my kids don't like Jello. Isn't that so strange? I mean what kid doesn't like Jello? So, I can't make these because I would for sure be the ONLY one eating them...all of them. Nancy

Margo said...

This is so cute. I just ordered three of them. They are so cheap. Thanks a ton.