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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Family Traditions

Every Holiday I realize how much my kids love it when I make a big deal about that Holiday. So I would love some ideas. I love the jello egg idea. What else do you guys do in your families? What do you all do for St. Patricks Day. Andrea Morgan told me that Lucky the Leprechaun visits and turns their milk green and then leaves a treasure map and the kids have to find the treasure. How cute is that? Does anyone have any fun ideas for Easter. I want to do some memorable things for the kids. Thanks for the ideas.


Bethany said...

Okay I was talking to Mindy Cook last night and they hide eggs but in 12 of the eggs that are hidden the symbols of easter with a scripture to go along with it. We are going to start that this year.

Andy & Jessica said...

I love that idea Bethany. I am going to try that to. thanks!!