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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Padded Bath Mat

I stole this idea from a shower, but I thought it was a great and wanted to share it. This is prefect for putting your babies on after they get out of the bath - it's so soft!! I am not totally in love with this towel, but I couldn't find a little girl one that I liked so I just decided to go with a fun bath theme!

You will need:
A large bath towel (I found that Target and Kohl's had the best selection)
Matching thread
Matching DMC floss (found in the needlework area of JoAnn's)
Large bag of batting

Sew up both sides and the bottom of the towel, leaving a small opening to stuff in the batting. The towel moved alot on me when I was sewing so I started with the sides starting at the end and sewing toward the fold - this way you can't tell if it's a little off. I left an opening at the bottom in the middle. Once you have the batting in, stitch up the opening. Take the DMC floss and make "darts" throughout the towel by going down and coming up close to the same spot. Tie with a sqare knot and wahlah - you are done! (I just eyeballed where I did my darts and it isn't great so please don't look too close! )


The Butter Bunch said...

This turned out so cute! I couldn't really picture it when you were talking about it, but now I see why you wanted to make one. I'll be making one of these. Thanks!

Emily said...

That is such a great idea. I wish I had a sewing machine so I could make one.

Bethany said...

This is so cute! What a great idea.

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