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Monday, April 7, 2008

Bloom Blocks

This is a sample I made of the craft we are going to do for our craft night next week.
I got the kit's from Alison Ward. She made up this kit by what I described to her I wanted over the phone. If you want to see some of her other kits this is her website: Ali's Attic.
And like I did, you can customize them to get exactly what you want!
Here are the paint colors I used:
B- Bayberry (FolkArt)
L- Lavender (AppleBarrel)
O- Yellow Ochre (Americana)
O- Sky Blue (FolkArt)
M- Rose Pink (FolkArt)


Emily said...

Those are really cute. Sounds like it will be a fun craft night.

Margo said...

Jessica, I adore those. I am so going to have to make the same thing. They are just so fun and springy. Because I am really good at copying others creativity, what colors are your paints? I just love it.

Bethany said...

This is really cute.